MusicMark is a collaboration between ASCAP, BMI and SOCAN. Our goals are to simplify the music registration process and create a common, authoritative picture of the musical works we represent.

Through MusicMark, publishers can submit a single registration file to all three performing rights organizations (PROs) simultaneously, even if the work was co-written by members of different societies. Each PRO will then integrate the registration data into its respective repertory of works. MusicMark is currently available to publishers that register music through Common Works Registration or Electronic Batch Registration.

MusicMark & Common Works Registration

Common Works Registration (CWR) is a standard format for the registration and revision of musical works. It provides all of the data necessary for a publisher to register a work at a PRO or Mechanical Rights Society. It also provides a means of tracking registration status and facilitates communication between publishers and societies.

MusicMark & Electronic Batch Registration

Electronic Batch Registration (EBR) is an alternative to CWR that captures the relevant details of your musical repertoire in an easy-to-use, spreadsheet format. Like CWR, multiple musical works can be registered in a single file.